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The University of Georgia is considered one of the top public universities in the country by many people. With such a renowned reputation, UGA provides a wealth of resources for students to be successful. Whether it’s studying abroad or finding apartments in Athens, GA, the University of Georgia offers accessible tools that allow students to fulfill all their dreams and meet their daily needs.


The University of Georgia is known for its academic excellence, and all applicants should strive to meet the school’s standard requirements for admission. Prospective students should review the important dates listed on the Admissions website to ensure they submit their applications in a timely manner. Transfer students should pay attention to their own deadlines and their previous college transcripts, which will determine their admission. Graduate students will need to submit GRE scores, letters of recommendation and academic records. They should also check for any additional requirements specific to their program.


Students looking for a good sense of community should thoroughly research all the housing options offered at the University of Georgia, comparing UGA off-campus housing with the dorms. UGA Housing choices can make a significant impact on student life and satisfaction. Athens Ridge, for instance, offers students affordable and spacious townhomes that are fully furnished.  Contact the office for more information or stop by for a tour.


A multitude of services are available to meet the needs of each student. With more than 35,000 enrolled students, the University of Georgia recognizes their different needs.


The University of Georgia makes sure that students feel supported academically and mentally. The Center for Counseling and Personal Evaluation on campus recognizes the diversity in students’ needs and offers group, individual and couples’ counseling. Other professional services address learning disabilities, attention-deficit disorders, developmental deficits and general psychological evaluation.


UGA’s students come from many different backgrounds and cultures. Accordingly, UGA offers a myriad of multicultural programs that extend beyond the classroom and encourage students to connect on a global level, including on-campus cultural events and studying abroad.


For prospective or current international students, UGA can offer a smooth transition through International Student Life, which helps students acclimate to the United States. It offers many ways to connect with other students and faculty, including a new-student orientation session and the Language Partner Program, which pairs the international student with a partner student from the U.S. to meet up periodically and speak English. International Student Life can also help students obtain their Georgia driver’s license and banking information. Part of immersing oneself in the local culture is looking for apartments for rent in Athens. Complexes designed for students are a convenient option because of their proximity to the University of Georgia. The Athens Ridge is located just a few miles from campus – within walking distance.  


The University of Georgia promotes cultural awareness in the Athens community every year through their festivals and entertainment. For instance, International Education Week is dedicated to increasing global awareness and celebrating the role of international education. International student organizations host events and speakers to celebrate different cultures in an effort to equip students with the proficiencies needed to live and work in an intercultural environment. The International Street Festival, created in 1999, is an annual festival that celebrates diversity with food, cultural displays and games.


Time flies, so don’t miss a minute and take advantage of the resources offered at the University of Georgia and the city of Athens, which was rated one of the best college towns in the country by U.S. News. The college experience offered at the University of Georgia will make for a beautiful place to live, bring cultural awareness, and most of all, create unforgettable memories.

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