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How To Be Courteous
When Using Community Amenities

When students look for the right UGA housing, they need to take plenty of things into consideration. Amenities are what make a community feel like home and are one of the many perks of living off campus. From lazing around a massive, resort-style pool to gathering some friends together for a game of sand volleyball, the ways to spend free time in an off campus apartment community, such as Athens Ridge, are endless. 

But being a good neighbor means extending common courtesies to the other students and neighbors. To maximize enjoyment for everyone, keep in mind the following five tips when using community amenities. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see our world-class amenities for yourself!

Follow The Rules

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure that all community amenities are being used respectfully is to simply follow the rules. Many pools and gyms have rules posted on the walls, so make sure to follow those when working out or swimming in the pool. At the pool, some common infractions include diving or swimming before or after dawn, while in the gym, they might include not wiping down equipment or letting kettlebells and weights slam into the ground. When residents follow the posted rules, it makes the community better for everyone else!

Take Turns

While the community amenities at Athens Ridge are spacious, residents might find that their schedules overlap with other members of the community. When that happens, residents will find themselves sharing spaces with their neighbors simultaneously. If there are a lot of people at the fitness center, everybody needs to have a turn. Make sure to wipe down the equipment once you are done using it and allow other residents to use the treadmill or weights. If you use the outdoor grills for a cookout, scrape them off after so other residents can cook as well. 

Mind Your Pets

We want all of the members of the family to feel comfortable in our community, including the furry ones! To make the community as pleasant and comfortable as possible, residents must clean up after their pets. Before going on a walk with your pet, equip yourself with bags and use the pet waste bins located around our community for disposal.

Be Respectful

One of the best ways to ensure that everyone in the community is living a happy and healthy life is to be respectful of others. If someone is already using a facility, you should wait for your turn or ask if they mind if you join. If they are playing a sport or relaxing while they drink some coffee, you might make a new friend!

Be Sociable

Residents using one of the community amenities we offer and if there is plenty of space for other residents, invite them to join! Getting to know your neighbors is the best way to make friends in the community and allowing them to join you during social activities, such as grilling up some steaks or kababs or watching a Bulldogs game, is a great way to meet people with common interests.

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