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The Trend Of Amenities-Driven
UGA Student Apartments

Modern student housing is all about the amenities. Peruse through the local advertisements and photo galleries of most student apartments in Athens and you will find, featured front and center, an assortment of amenities designed for today’s tech-savvy, go-getter college students. Pools, gyms, and clubhouses feature prominently across apartment listings and with good reason. College students are busier and more digitally-connected than ever before — student housing is keeping up. Greater comfort and convenience at home has allowed students to focus and work harder in school.

Now, the demand for amenities is at an all-time high and the race is on for more high-tech, community-driven features. At the forefront of this trend, Athens Ridge offers students an unrivaled list of amenities including: keyless access, shuttle buses to UGA, a lazy river, a modern gym, a business center, and more. Contact us today for more information or stop by our property today to tour our UGA student apartments.

What Can Amenities Offer Students?


Time and money are of the essence for college students and they should be spent on the things that matter the most. Whether you started a new workout routine or you have finally signed up for algebra tutoring, getting stuck in traffic on your way to the gym or library can be discouraging and a serious waste of time. Student apartments near UGA can help students get to campus faster, but nothing beats the convenience of having a gym and dedicated study space steps away from your apartment. Rain or shine, you can stick to your workout and reading schedule without having to worry about crowds, finding your way back late at night, or affecting your budget with a gym membership.


Long before the trend towards amenities-driven housing began, campus dorms were the primary housing option for UGA students. Despite dorms offering little-to-no comfort, the benefits of living on campus and close to the gym, library, pools, and other campus amenities seemed unmatched by the available off campus offerings. Flash-forward to the present where off campus housing near UGA offers both the convenience originally provided by dorms plus the comfort of having spacious, full-sized apartments loaded with apartment and community amenities to rival any college campus. At Athens Ridge, students can unwind in one of our many resort-style amenities including a lazy river, a supersized hot tub, and high-speed Wi-Fi at our clubhouse.

Peace Of Mind

Security has always been a main concern for parents sending their kids to college. Before amenities-driven housing became popular, on campus housing was often considered the safest choice for students and their belongings. Amenities have changed the game entirely with Athens student housing now offering far better peace of mind for parents. High-tech security systems, on-site management, and personal locks are some of the features now included with apartments for the safety of students. Athens Ridge offers these amenities and more, including late-night shuttle buses for late-night outings and CCTV monitors in community areas and access gates.

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