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9 Reasons to
Live Off Campus

Instead of living passively, students who live in off campus apartments in Athens, GA, are inclined to take action to experience college fully. These off campus apartments are where many students find the means to achieve their desired lifestyles. There are a range of personal and communal benefits to living in apartments, but in describing the motivations for choosing off campus housing, students cite the conveniences and responsibilities they afford.

4 Conveniences of Athens Student Housing

In Athens, apartments for rent are available throughout the city, but regular apartments don’t offer the conveniences and amenities included in student communities. Apartment communities designed for students provide four main conveniences that inspire students to live off campus.

Furnished Housing

On campus housing might feature basic furnishings, such as a bed and desk, but in student apartments off campus, residents have fully-furnished units. With a variety of floorplans, these UGA apartments enable students to have a stress-free move. Instead of having to lift heavy furniture while moving, students are able to live with all the primary comforts of home, modern electronics, and décor included in their off campus living space.

Complimentary Services

Complimentary high-speed internet and expanded cable packages are two of the amenities included in the installment payments for certain student apartments near UGA. With no need to worry about monthly payments or annual contracts for internet or cable, students living off campus can focus more intently on schoolwork and their college experience.

Live Near Campus

Moving to off campus housing near UGA means you’re still close enough to campus to partake in all university affairs, from Bulldogs football games to guest lectures in the auditorium. And what makes the commute from your apartment to UGA even easier is the presence of complimentary shuttles to campus with real-time tracking.

Peer Environment

Student housing provides one of the most natural environments for making friends in college. Residents live surrounded by their peers, many of whom are new to Athens and looking to meet new people. The amenities in off campus housing also facilitate social activities that enable students to meet new people and break the ice. Students who have reservations about leaving the peer environment of the dorms will be relieved to learn an even more supportive peer environment exists in student housing.

5 Off Campus Apartment Responsibilities

In addition to classroom knowledge, students who move to apartments for rent in Athens, GA, are interested in life lessons related to the five responsibilities associated with renting housing off campus.

Pay Apartment Rent

Learning to set a budget for installment payments and complete payments on-time each month are foundational responsibilities of life in an off campus apartment. Student apartments also streamline the installment payment process with online resident portals, where tenants can easily handle payments digitally.

Set Up Utilities

Creating an account for utilities is another responsibility learned in off campus apartments. Since utilities are paid separately from monthly installments, your budgeting skills become more refined as you manage several expenses. Furthermore, in student apartments, the only utility tenants are responsible for paying is electricity.

Create a Schedule

Another responsibility students have while living in apartments is learning to budget time in order to arrive to classes on-time, accomplish homework, and have leisure time for fun activities. Those living in student housing have the benefit of having a fairly short commute to campus and other Athens attractions.

Home-Cooked Meals

Instead of the limited cooking facilities available on campus, you have a full kitchen at your disposal in off campus housing. Consequently, you can develop cooking skills while saving money instead of ordering takeout food.

Multiple Roommates

Living cooperatively with multiple roommates is a skill students develop while living off campus. Considering that most student apartments have four bedrooms and roommate matching services, you can build relationships with peers who have interests or personalities that complement yours.

Off Campus Housing Near UGA

Athens Ridge is a student housing community where residents find many of the best reasons for living off campus. On the topic of convenience, Athens Ridge provides furnished townhomes with complimentary services, including Internet and cable, while our community’s location is near the UGA campus as well as numerous shops and restaurants. We also make it easy for students to manage the responsibilities of renting with individual leases and an online resident portal. The luxury amenities we offer is what further distinguishes Athens Ridge from other communities. These include a lazy river, outdoor jumbotron TV, and modern gym facilities. Contact us for more information about Athens Ridge!

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