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Renters Insurance

Moving off campus is an exciting (and liberating) process, but there are several steps to complete. First you’ll browse apartments for rent in Athens, GA. Next you’ll move items into your new room. Last you’ll check if the landlords requires rental insurance. But even when it’s not required, renters insurance coverage is still smart to have for many reasons.

Benefits of Insurance for Athens Renters

Landlords at Athens apartments for rent will have insurance for their buildings, but their coverage doesn’t apply to you as a tenant or to your belongings. One benefit of renters insurance is that it covers your personal risks and liabilities that your landlord’s insurance won’t cover. Additionally, in instances where renters insurance is required by the landlord or property manager, having a policy prevents the landlord from taking legal action. In most instances, the tenant will either have to comply with the terms of the lease and take out a renters insurance policy, or the property manager could proceed with an eviction.

What Renters Insurance Covers

The coverage from renters insurance encompasses a range of scenarios that would prove financially costly without insurance. But coverage levels differ based on the type of policy you choose. Thus, it pays to select a policy that covers the risks and liabilities applicable to your living situation in off campus housing in Athens, GA. Yet, the more scenarios your renters insurance covers, the greater financial security you’ll have.

Lost Personal Belongings

Even when living in a fully furnished apartment, such as at Athens Ridge, you’ll still possess enough property to justify having renters insurance. Considering the cost of your wardrobe, electronics, and textbooks alone, being reimbursed for the value of these items if they were lost, damaged, or stolen would more merit the cost of insurance coverage. Certain off-premises coverages can also protect your property when it’s inside your vehicle or at another location, such as a hotel room or a friend’s house.

Cost of Injuries

Student apartments near UGA can host a lot of visitors. But while guests are visiting your rental property, you’re liable for their wellbeing. If anyone is injured in your apartment, the costs from medical bills or a lawsuit could fall on your shoulders. The same applies if your pet bites or otherwise harms someone on the premises you rent. But renters insurance can protect you financially by covering the costs associated with any injuries to your guests.

Temporary Lodging

Were an event to happen, such as a fire, flood, storm, or other disaster, which made your off campus housing near UGA uninhabitable temporarily, renters insurance can cover living expenses until you move back. The costs of a hotel room and meals for even a short duration can add up, and without insurance, you’ll have to pay for temporary lodging out of pocket.

Why Renters Insurance Always Matters

Not all landlords of UGA apartments require tenants to have renters insurance. But even in such instances, the security of the coverage outweighs the costs of the policy itself. Many students choose to rent because it’s less demanding than owning housing. When you rent, the fact that you don’t have a mortgage to worry about, not to mention that your landlord is responsible for maintaining the building, is a big weight of your shoulders. Yet, even when you prefer having fewer responsibilities, it still pays to protect your personal liability and possessions with renters insurance. This is a viewpoint more renters are adopting. Even though significantly fewer renters have renters insurance than homeowners do home insurance, more tenants are choosing to protect themselves with an insurance policy.

Student Apartments near UGA

Athens Ridge provides a complete off-campus experience in Athens, GA, as our housing community is designed to accommodate the student lifestyle. Starting with our furnished apartments, which enable students to live comfortably from the time they move in, we also offer on-site amenities. From a themed pool and large hot tub for residents to have entertainment to a business center and student lounges for students to work, we provide an ideal environment for living and learning. Of course, there’s plenty more to experience at Athens Ridge. Contact us to schedule a tour of our student apartments!

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