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7 Reasons Why Students
Prefer Apartment Living

While the debate between apartment renting and home-owning has been long-standing, there’s a reason why more people rent than own — at least seven of them, in fact. Whether it’s your first time living on your own or you’ve been enjoying your independence for years, apartment living offers something for everyone. Of course, not all rentals are created equal, so it’s best to do your research before deciding on a place. 

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Low Maintenance

Owning a home means that you are responsible for all of the problems that come with it. And if you’re like most people and aren’t handy yourself, home repairs can get expensive. Even in newer homes with upgraded hardware and appliances, you’re likely to require some sort of maintenance every year. When you live at an apartment, all of that is taken care of for you, usually by simply submitting a work order.

Save Money

In addition to the cost of repairs and replacements, you’ll need to put down quite a bit of money to even purchase the home, and the long term price can be exorbitant. Beyond that, though, homeowners are responsible for property taxes, home insurance, utilities, and the upkeep of amenities, such as a pool, hot tub, or play area. At Athens Ridge, affordable monthly payments include Wi-Fi Internet, cable TV, curbside trash, and access to all of our amenities. You would have to pay for all of these things individually if you were a homeowner. We even offer furnished apartments complete with washer and dryer to save you even more time and money. 

Access To Amenities

Apartment complexes usually have multiple amenities to increase the quality of life for their residents. Having access to these amenities can help you save considerable money. For example, Athens Ridge provides a gym, pool, hot tub, lazy river, tanning beds, basketball court, soccer field, sand volleyball, fire pit, charcoal grills, and more. You definitely wouldn’t find all of that in the backyard of a home!

Social Environment

Apartment living inherently means living close to other people. But beyond living side by side, apartment dwellers are afforded a unique opportunity to socialize through all of the available amenities. And if you’re looking for a more low key hangout, we even offer a clubhouse with a coffee bar and billiards. Apartment living also means that you can find a roommate easier, especially if the community offers individual leasing and roommate matching, as Athens Ridge does.

Short-term Options

Owning a home means that you’re tied down to one area. At least until you can sell or find a trustworthy renter, both of which can take months to years. On the other hand, renting provides short-term leases that can be renewed or not. This way, you have the mobility to take a job in a new city or move across the country to live with a significant other. The flexibility of renting allows you to take the opportunities that come your way.

Increased Safety

Because apartment communities are responsible for so many people’s safety, they usually take it very seriously. Athens Ridge has controlled-access gates, monitoring systems in common areas, personal locks on each bedroom door, on-site courtesy officers, and a management team to maintain the community’s safety. You would have to spend big bucks on a home security system to get this kind of peace of mind as a homeowner.

Closer To Shopping, Dining & Entertainment

While the seclusion of urban developments may seem tranquil, it comes at a price. Many homes are built in developments that are further away from shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Conversely, most apartment complexes are built to balance the benefits of being nearby all the hot locales with being enclosed enough to still feel like you’re living far away from the traffic and noise.

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