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Why It's Better To
Have A Roommate

College roommates are more than just people with whom to share living costs — our Athens apartments have convenient individual contracts anyway; they’re partners in the adventures of college life, both at home and on campus. Yet any person who’s ambivalent about whether to live alone or with someone else will find compelling these four incontrovertible benefits of having a roommate.

4 Advantages Of Roommates In Student Housing

Compared with tenants who live unaccompanied in apartments for rent in Athens, GA, students who share housing with one or more people have certain advantages. Athens Ridge offers individual housing contracts as well as roommate matching services, so students can either move in with friends or individually and let us find suitable roommates. Contact us to apply for a room at Athens Ridge today!

1. Cleaning Help

Off campus apartment floor plans can feature up to four or even five bedrooms, the same number of bathrooms, as well as a living room, kitchen, patio, and garage. That amount of space requires more than one person to keep it clean and organized. Assigning cleaning tasks to different roommates is a highly efficient way to divide up the chores and maintain a tidy apartment.

2. Sharing Resources

Just as they share common areas such as the living room, kitchen, and garage, roommates also can share one another's food and belongings to everyone’s benefit. Our student housing near UGA, for instance, includes a flat screen TV in every unit. So if one person contributes a video game console, and another brings a few games, then everyone can enjoy the entertainment. (Not to mention most video games are more fun when played in pairs or even teams.) And while it’s not mandatory for roommates to share things, most find that doing so is to everyone's gain.

3. Friendship

In essence, UGA Student apartments are incubators of friendships. By virtue of inhabiting the same spaces, roommates develop a sense of camaraderie to support one another in school and life. Roommates also have each other's backs. For example, if one roommate leaves for class but forgets the apartment key, the others are available to deliver assistance.

4. You Still Have Privacy

Even the most gregarious and social people need personal time now and again for study or self-reflection. That's why our off campus housing each unit has private bedrooms. Therefore, residents can always find solitude even as they share the rest of their apartments with roommates. The bedroom walls and doors also help to dampen the sounds caused by activities happening elsewhere in the unit.

Tips For Finding A Roommate In Athens, GA

While it’s beneficial to know the virtues of having roommates in off campus housing near UGA, it’s likewise helpful to know methods for finding them. The higher the compatibility, the more likely everyone can maximize the benefits of a shared living arrangement.


The first place students can look for people to share housing with is within their own social circles of friends or classmates. Already having some understanding of how a prospective roommate thinks and behaves can be useful in choosing a good match among acquaintances.   

Roommate Matching Services

A modernized process is with a roommate matching service, which certain student housing communities offer to tenants as a free service. The exciting aspect of roommate matching is that students are paired with new people who share similar traits. As a result, many individual students move into shared apartments only to meet new people who become lifelong friends.

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