What to Know Before
Renting in Athens

As you look for your next apartment for rent in Athens, GA, it’s normal to feel a range of emotions from excitement to anxiety. Especially when you’re not totally familiar with the renting process, the next steps you should take may be somewhat of a mystery. By reviewing the things you should know before renting, you can ensure the process goes smoothly.  

Complete Rental Documents

There are several basic steps you should expect to take before renting an apartment. While the specific details could vary, the general process is the same at all Athens off-campus apartments for rent.

Signing a Lease

A lease is a document outlining your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Once you sign the lease, it becomes a binding legal contract between you and the property manager. Avoid the temptation to shuffle through the lease quickly. Instead, patiently read each section, including the rules for the community and the length of your rental agreement. The lease will also explain what utilities are included and what ones you’re responsible for setting up; at minimum, most tenants are expected to set up their electric. Some off-campus apartments near UGA offer individual leases, which only require your signature. Whereas traditional leases need to be signed by all roommates. Before signing a traditional lease, make sure all roommates can cover their share of the rent, otherwise you could be on the hook for that cost.

Rental Application

Rental applications are screening documents that property managers use to evaluate prospective tenants. Some of the information you might need to complete an application would be your income level, employment status, and past rental history. Answer all the questions honestly to ensure your application is processed correctly. A copy of an ID, such as a driver’s license or social security card, as well as a list of references could also be required. Also, some properties have income requirements, otherwise a guarantor or co-signer will be needed. Have the roommates you plan to live with complete applications as well. And make sure to pay the application fee, otherwise the application won’t be processed and you could lose the apartment you want.

Know Your Responsibilities While Renting

Upon moving into your apartment, you’ll want to address all the tenant responsibilities outlined in the lease to avoid fines or other issues with your property manager.

Setting Up Utilities

You’ll have set up any utilities or services that aren’t included in the rent. To start service, contact the utilities company or service provider and create an account for your name and address. Double check your lease to know what’s included because forgetting to set up an essential service could result in a fine from your landlord. At Athens Ridge, students receive internet, cable, and all utilities except electric included in their rent.

Paying Rent

Paying rent every month is among your biggest obligations as a renter. Making an online payment through the resident portal or submitting a money order or check are commonly accepted methods of payment. Mark a calendar or set a digital reminder for the day your rent needs to be paid. Remember that missing the deadline could result in fees.

Types of Property Managers

There are multiple classifications of property managers. Knowing what type of property manager you’ll be dealing with can help you more easily anticipate their duties.

Property Manager

A property management company owns anywhere from one to several hundred rental properties and has a team of employees that rent apartments to tenants. One advantage of living in student apartments near UGA that are managed by a property management company is that renters have additional resources as well as streamlined processes for paying rent and making maintenance requests.

Building Super

Building supers, also called building superintendents, usually work in large rental buildings. The building super is the on-site property manager and point-of-contact for prospective tenants and residents.


A landlord is a person who rents apartments to tenants. Some landlords own the buildings they work in, while others serve on behalf of the building owners. Smaller properties usually have one dedicated landlord who lives on site and handles site inspections oversees maintenance requests.

Condo or Homeowners Association

A condo or homeowners association is a group of property managers that oversee condos or homes in a certain area. Their responsibilities include setting rules for the community, such as the standard of neatness for how landscaping should look.

Off-Campus Apartments near UGA

Athens Ridge provides a better way to live off campus near UGA. Students here sign individual leases and live in fully furnished apartments where cable, internet, and most utilities are included in the rent. We also have a variety of amenities, including a large pool, beach volleyball area, business center, and study lounges, so students can study, play, or relax whenever they want. Apply now for an apartment at Athens Ridge!

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