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What To Ask When
Touring An Apartment

It’s tough to know what to expect for students who are searching for their first off campus apartment. But you can be prepared with a list of questions to ask to make sure the apartment meets all of your needs. These questions from Athens Ridge student apartments near UGA will ensure you are fully informed before you sign a contract.

1. How Do I Pay Monthly Installments?

Most apartment complexes in Athens allow renters to pay installments online, but it’s worth asking if there’s a convenience fee involved. Some landlords instead want to be paid with a personal check each month. Renters should also ask when the monthly installments are due, on what date it is considered late, and what the penalty is for late payments.

2. What Are The Initial Move-In Costs?

Every student apartment complex handles the move-in process differently, so you’ll want to ask what the process is like for your new apartment. Find out how much you will need to pay before moving in — first and last month’s installment is standard, but there may also be an application fee or security deposits. You’ll need to work these costs into your student housing budget.

3. What Is Your Pet Policy?

If you have a pet of any kind, it’s important to be aware of an apartment’s pet policy. Even if the apartment is pet-friendly, many complexes and landlords have additional weight or breed restrictions. Some Athens apartment complexes also require a pet fee and a monthly pet payment. Luckily for pitbull lovers, Athens Ridge student housing has no breed restrictions or monthly pet installments.

4. What Is The Parking Situation?

Students spend a great deal of time thinking about parking on campus, so it’s important to know you won’t have to worry about parking at off campus housing. Ask if the monthly installment includes access to parking or if it’s an additional charge. If the only option is street parking, you may want to check availability for yourself, as street parking can be unpredictable.

5. How Are Emergency Repairs Handled?

Even if everything appears to be in good working order, it’s important to know how maintenance requests are handled. Is maintenance available 24/7? What is the typical response time? Does your property manager or landlord cover non-emergency repairs? And finally, how do you request maintenance (online, in-person, etc.).

6. What Is Your Guest Policy?

Most student apartment complexes will have guest policies included in the rental agreement, but some policies are more strict than others. Guests may be required to sign in, and most Athens student apartments have restrictions against guests staying longer than two weeks. Is there guest parking? Will you need to arrange for a parking pass before your guests arrive?

7. Do You Require Renters Insurance?

It is unusual for student apartments to require renters insurance, but it is not unheard of. Even if renters insurance is not a requirement, it is worth considering. Renters insurance covers loss or damages in case of burglary, fire, or vandalism, and may also cover injuries that happen in your apartment. Renters insurance usually only costs around $15-$30 a month.

8. Can I Make Changes To The Apartment?

You’ll probably want to add your own personal touches to your off campus apartment to make it feel like home. Ask your apartment complex about its policies concerning paint and wall hangings. Many complexes allow residents to alter their apartments provided they return the apartment to the way it was before they move out.

9. What Are The Terms Of The Rental Contract?

Before you sign a rental agreement, make sure you understand its terms. When does the contract begin and end, and what are the options for renewal? If you’re planning on staying in your apartment near UGA for a while, these are important details to know. If you’re only staying for a year or two, you’ll need to know how much notice is required before moving out.

10. How Often Do Monthly Installments Go Up?

Some Athens apartments raise monthly installments when the lease is renewed. If you’re planning on settling in for a while, this many not be a good option for you. Make sure you know of any potential increases before you sign a lease.

Now that you know the important questions to ask, it’s time to start touring. Contact Athens Ridge to schedule a tour.

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