What First-Time Renters
Should Know

Your search for apartments for rent in Athens, GA, has finished, and congratulations are in order, as you’ve found the apartment to begin your life off campus for Fall 2019! Surely, this is an exciting time, but, as a first-time renter, there are steps you can take to arrive at your new apartment prepared for success, including knowing what items to bring, as well as what to expect.

What to Bring

In Athens apartments for rent can come with varying amounts of furnishings, but all apartments at The Ridge are fully-furnished, so you’ll have most of the essentials you need upon moving in. At the same time, bringing certain items would help you take complete advantage of the features in your apartment and our community.

Outfitting Your Apartment

Our off campus apartments in Athens, GA, come furnished with interior amenities, but a few items are worth bringing with you. For example, regarding the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, you’ll need groceries for the fridge as well as dish soap for the dishwasher. Dinnerware is another kitchen item to bring, along with any utensils or machines you use while cooking. And since your apartment has an in-unit washer and dryer, bringing detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets would be useful for doing laundry. As for the bathroom, towels and bath soap are worthwhile, as are cleaning supplies for the entire apartment, including a vacuum, which you can easily store in one of the closets.  

Using Our Amenities

A standout quality of our off campus housing near UGA are luxury amenities, but bringing a few items can help you maximize your enjoyment while using our amenities. A pair of workout clothes and shoes, for instance, would be beneficial for using our gym facilities. Meanwhile, there are several water-based amenities at The Ridge, including a swimming pool, lazy river, and hot tub, so swimwear would also be useful to have. Additionally, you should feel free to bring a favorite volleyball, basketball, or soccer ball, as we have venues for playing all of these sports.

What to Expect

Compared to dorms or family homes, student apartments near UGA provide residents with a more independent lifestyle. While living off campus, you should expect little supervision and more responsibilities. For example, internet, cable, and most utilities are included in your apartment, but you are responsible for paying rent and the electric bill each month. Weekly grocery shopping is another errand you may have do, unless you eat out at nearby restaurants. And even though The Ridge is located near campus and offers shuttles there, it’s still your responsibility to get to class on time everyday.

Ways to Have the Best Experience

In the areas around UGA apartments are popular because students tend to have positive experiences while living in shared environments. But as a first-time renter, it’s wise to approach living in an apartment with a beginner’s mind. In other words, don’t be afraid to ask our staff or your peers any questions you may have, whether about paying rent, filing a maintenance request, or anything else. And keep in mind that all the residents of your community are also your peers, meaning you’ll have opportunities to make friends, including while using group amenities or hosting guests in your apartment. In fact, once you’ve acclimated to your surroundings, meeting new people is perhaps the best way to have a good experience while living off campus.

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Apartments for Rent in Athens, GA

Athens Ridge is an amenities-driven apartment community designed to complement the lifestyles of today’s students. From the moment students move into our furnished apartments, they enjoy the comfort of modern furnishings and private bedrooms and bathrooms. We also provide world-class amenities, so students can relax or stay active outside of class. Meanwhile, with our prime location near UGA, students enjoy the conveniences of a short commute to campus as well as having shopping, dining, and entertainment attractions nearby. Contact us to learn more about moving into The Ridge!

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