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Because you’ve completed your search for apartments for rent in Athens, GA, now is the time to learn about the opportunities available in your new community. Athens is a preeminent college town, but the areas near campus are where the best attractions reside and the most memorable events occur. And since you’ll be living near UGA, a few tips on how to take full advantage of your new surroundings could help ensure you have a memorable college experience.

Avoiding Traffic on Game Day in Athens

The UGA Bulldogs are consistently among the premier teams in the college football standings, and that makes Sanford Stadium the hottest destination in Athens during every home game in football season. But with up to 92,746 fans at a single game, there’s bound to be substantial game-day traffic on the roads near your student apartments near UGA, yet there are also ways to avoid the traffic.


When the school day ends and UGA students head off campus apartments in Athens, GA, are routinely their destinations. One of the forms of transportation students use to travel home, meanwhile, is shuttles. In fact, complimentary shuttles to campus and downtown Athens are available at select housing communities in Athens, and on game day, rather than driving a car in traffic, riding on a shuttle is more a low-stress means to travel.


In Athens apartments for rent can feature in-unit closets where students can store their bikes, while the apartment communities themselves are often located close enough to UGA that students can bike to campus or other areas of town. When the streets are congested on game day, biking is a smart alternative to driving, but remember to ride inside the designated bike lanes on the roads for safety.

Best Places to Tailgate

Whenever the Bulldogs have an athletics matchup with another university, the televised coverage of that game is an opportunity for you to tailgate with friends. An ideal tailgating environment has space to accommodate multiple people and a screen to watch the game. In Athens, you’ll find several candidates for tailgating spots.

Student Housing

In the neighborhoods around UGA apartments can have furnished living rooms with couches and high-definition TVs, where students can watch games together. Furthermore, while you’re hosting guests, you can utilize the kitchen in the apartment to prepare food to share. Meanwhile, certain housing communities also feature outdoor amenities, such as a 20-foot jumbotron TV, charcoal grill, and pool area, which comprise an ideal environment for tailgating.


There are several restaurants in Athens where students gather on game day. One popular tailgating destination is Rooftop, a restaurant on the roof of the Georgia Theatre, where, in addition to live music, students can watch UGA games. Still another hot spot for culinary indulgence on game day is The Office, a sports-themed restaurant frequented by students and Bulldogs fans. To find more dining options, Yelp for Athens is a useful resource.

Must-Go Places for Studying

Making time for doing homework is your obligation as a student, but the environment you choose to study in can influence how productive you are. The UGA Main Library is a popular location for studying, although competition for desk space can be high, particularly during the week of final exams. You could also study in the off campus housing near UGA where you live, especially if you have a private bedroom with a desk or access to amenities such as study lounges or a business center.

Where to Buy UGA Gear

There’s no better way to ingratiate yourself to fellow students than by exhibiting your school pride with UGA gear. In addition to textbooks and supplies for classes, the University of Georgia Bookstore is a main source of UGA clothing and souvenirs, Or you can browse an assortment of UGA gear at many of the stores in the Georgia Square Mall, which is a hub of shopping in Athens.

Apartments for Rent in Athens, GA

Athens Ridge raises the standard of off campus housing with our modern apartments for students. Located just minutes from the UGA campus, our community allows students to live comfortably amidst one of the most exciting areas of Athens, GA. Each resident of Athens Ridge enjoys complimentary access to our community’s luxury amenities, which include a themed pool, outdoor jumbotron, study lounges, and free shuttles. Also, every apartment at Athens Ridge is fully furnished, with high-speed internet and cable TV included, and features private bedrooms for all roommates. Contact us for more information!

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