Look For These Items
When Choosing An Apartment

Ther are many ways to search for off campus apartments in Athens, GA, but some are better than others. Experienced renters start by compiling a list of rental communities that meet their general needs. They then narrow down the list based on which apartments meet their preferred criteria. But before they even get that far, renters need to know which characteristics to look for in apartments. If you’re unsure about what makes up the best student housing for you, take inspiration from these popular features.

Essential Student Apartment Features

Your environment influences your lifestyle. That's why it's worth your time to find the perfect apartment for rent. Most students gravitate toward the same features, such as individual rental contracts, private bedrooms, and modern furnishings. The apartments at Athens Ridge have these and several other popular elements.

Electrical Outlets

They're not the most obvious feature, but electrical outlets are one of the most important components of any housing. Considering the large number of electronics used by students, they need an adequate number of outlets to plug in their laptops, smartphones, and other devices.

Storage Space

Storage space is among the most underrated attributes of UGA apartments. Not only do walk-in closets keep apartments organized by allocating space for clothes and personal items. They also protect large, expensive items, such as a bicycle.

Modern Kitchen Appliances

As more students learn the virtues of preparing meals at home, including eating out less and enjoying the creative process of cooking more, modern kitchen appliances, such as a stainless-steel oven and fridge, have become critical apartment items.


For students who own pets, finding student apartments near UGA that are pet-friendly is a relief. A pet is a fine companion to keep you company, particularly during rigorous study sessions at home.

Wood Flooring

Because it’s attractive, easy-to-clean, and durable, wood flooring is the most student-friendly floor material for an apartment. An ideal student apartment features wood floors in each room, with the exception of the bathroom and the kitchen.

Washer & Dryer Units

In a student apartment, washer and dryer units are an asset. They enable you to save time and money while you attend to dirty laundry. What’s more, in-unit washers and dryers maximize convenience by preventing the need for use of off-site public laundry facilities.

Internet & WiFi

At one time a luxury, high-speed Internet with reliable WiFi is a necessity for today’s student to both complete online homework assignments and reduce smartphone data usage while at home. An apartment that’s wired for Internet is beneficial, but a student apartment in which WiFi is already hooked up and included in the monthly installments is even better.

Community Amenities To Look For

The amenities available in off campus housing near UGA are equally as important as the in-unit features. At large, tenants in Athens have differing opinions regarding the amenities they find useful, but students have a general affinity for several particular amenities.


Instead of doling out money on fuel, complimentary shuttles from your apartment community to either the UGA campus or downtown Athens can help make daily commutes or weekend travels short, safe, and stress-free.

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Fitness Facilities

The range of fitness-related activities that students enjoy, from weightlifting and endurance training to pilates and yoga, means an apartment community should provide a fully-equipped gym with modern workout equipment, such as suspension training.

Attached Garage

As opposed to parking your car on the side of a busy road or at the far end of a distant parking lot, having a garage attached to your apartment permits you to park your vehicle closeby in a protected setting.

Online Resident Portal

In Athens apartments for rent are associated with different monthly payment methods, but the ideal payment format for students is an online resident portal. Beyond paying monthly installments digitally and securely, a resident portal enables you to request maintenance and engage in streamlined communications with the leasing office.

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