How to Find Off-Campus
Housing in Athens, GA

As you begin searching for off-campus housing near the University of Georgia, the first conclusion you’ll reach is there’s no shortage of apartments for rent in Athens, GA. But the difference between choosing any available apartment and finding the right apartment for your needs could be the difference between a challenging or an enjoyable school year. At Athens Ridge, we’ve been a leader in student apartments precisely because we’ve discovered the secret to good off-campus housing is being student-friendly.  

Student-Friendly Apartment Checklist

For housing to be student friendly, it must have several traits that contribute to a successful student experience. As more UGA students move off campus housing in Athens, GA, is growing in demand. Yet, while some of these options for apartments will have a few student friendly attributes, the right choices will have everything a student needs.


What makes students different from other renters is a student usually hasn’t accumulated everything needed to live independently. In other words, a student might not have everyday amenities, like transportation, furniture, or the means to pay for a gym membership. To be student friendly, a housing complex should offers amenities to make life for students more complete.

On-Site Features

Amenities like a large pool, a hot tub, or a fitness center at UGA apartments contribute to a fulfilling student lifestyle by balancing the riggers of classes and homework with opportunities for recreation and leisure. Additionally, when it’s time to study off campus, student friendly housing should offer a business center or study lounges where residents can be productive.

Room Furnishings

It’s unlikely for most students to own mattresses, desks, or couches that they can move easily to unfurnished Athens apartments for rent. A furnished apartment is thus beneficial to a student living off campus, because when he or she has access to comfortable furniture to do school work or relax on, it improves productivity and the chances of success. Not to mention, the cost savings of not having to furnish an entire apartment from scratch is significant for someone on a student budget.


A student friendly apartment needs to have a convenient location. While living off campus housing near UGA should be the preferred option over apartments located further from the university. The advantages of a shorter commute to classes, for instance, include saving time and money on travel, which means more time and money for activities such as learning and recreation. Additionally, places for shopping, dining, and entertainment tend to be centralized around the university, so living closer to the campus also makes buying groceries, seeing a movie, or running errands more convenient.

Lease Terms

While there’s plenty of student apartments near UGA, not all of them have student friendly lease terms. Many landlords offer traditional leases, where all roommates sign the same lease and are equally responsible for paying the rent. But under this arrangement, a roommate who can’t come up with the rent or leaves unexpectedly creates big financial problems for the other students living there. Thus, a preferred option for students is individual leases, where each roommate signs his or her own lease for one room in the apartment. This way, the actions of one roommate in no way impact the other roommates financially. Also, a student needn’t have roommates already lined up to secure a place in an apartment.

Student Apartments for Rent in Athens, GA

Athens Ridge sets the standard for student friendly housing in Athens, GA, because we offer abundant amenities and suitable lease terms on apartments located near the UGA campus. Our on-site amenities provide a balance between studying and fun, including student lounges, poolside Wi-Fi, as well as basketball courts, soccer fields, and other recreational amenities. We also make renting easier by offering fully furnished apartments with individual leases for rooms and most utilities included in the rent price. And besides being located close to UGA as well as shopping and entertainment areas, Athens Ridge also provides shuttles for residents to safely visit the campus or downtown Athens. Contact us to apply for a room at Athens Ridge!

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