Things to Consider
When Apartment Hunting

Being a student at UGA can be time-consuming enough without having to spend hours searching for a suitable apartment for rent in Athens, GA. But where you live can affect other parts of your life, including how well you do in school. Finding a good student apartment is thus important to your success. A way to find that right place in Athens to live is by using an apartment checklist. Limiting your list of apartments based on which have the features that matter most gives you more time to tour the rooms and the amenities of your top choices. Contact our leasing office to schedule your tour of Athens Ridge.

Athens Student Apartment Checklist

Your apartment hunt can be easy or hard depending on how much legwork you’re willing to do ahead of time. Sure, you could get lucky with the first available unit you find. On the other hand, a wrong choice could leave you stuck in an undesirable situation for a year or more. By choosing your top options of Athens off-campus apartments for rent based on a checklist of 10 criteria, you can focus your search and improve your odds of finding a place that’s right for you.  

1. Price

When most people describe a “student,” the words “on a budget” are usually not far behind. But there are plenty of affordable student apartments out there, especially ones with individual leases where you pay only for your room. On the other hand, an expensive apartment will limit your budget for other things like groceries and entertainment. An affordable rental price is thus one criteria to keep in mind while you review off-campus apartments near UGA.

2. Location

Next to price, location is the most important factor for student apartments. Not all students own a vehicle or means of transportation, and even if you do, you still have to contend with getting to class on time. The convenience of a short commute to campus alone justifies having finding an apartment closer to your school.  

3. Furnished

A furnished apartment can be a student’s best friend. Maybe you had furniture at your previous house, but you don’t want to tow it around Athens, GA, in a rental trailer. And moving to an unfurnished apartment means buying new furniture, which eats up your budget. But a furnished apartment guarantees you’ll save money and live comfortably from day one.

4. Independence

Many student apartments near UGA are shared. Roommates are great for divvying up living costs and camaraderie, but it’s still nice to have independence when you want it. A private area to study or unwind, like an individually keyed bedroom, is a big plus for a student.  

5. Included Utilities

Keeping up with separate utilities bills takes effort. But the more utilities included in your apartment’s rental cost, the fewer bills you have to worry about paying. Finding an apartment with cable TV and Wi-Fi Internet included, for instance, is a big convenience factor.

6. Study Friendly Environment

Unlike coming home from a job, a student’s work continues outside of class with homework and studying. Schoolwork is more easily accomplished in places like a Business Center or a Study Lounge, so finding these amenities in your apartment is a plus.

7. Entertainment

Besides studying, the other side of student life is enjoying life outside of class. Finding an apartment complex where lots of other students live is a good start to making friends. While access to on-site amenities for sports, cooking, or friendly gatherings also makes it easier to enjoy downtime with classmates.

8. Safety

From late-night study sessions to early-morning joggers and all-day visitors, student apartments are hubs of activity. With all that going on, safety should be a 24-hour priority for your apartment as well as the whole complex. An On-site Courtesy Officer, CCTV Monitors in common areas, and Controlled-Access Entrance Gates are a few essential security measures.

9. Landlord

The benefits of a good landlord include everything from having your questions answered while signing your lease to getting assistance whenever you need it. Were you to lock yourself out of your apartment after hours, for example, or if have questions about how to get your security deposit back in full, a good landlord will help you.

10. Maintenance

It may not be the first thing you think of while apartment hunting, but finding an apartment where maintenance requests are completed quickly is useful. If you clog the drain to your shower, or you find your microwave stops working, it’s nice to expect these things to be fixed. Being able to request maintenance using an online resident portal is also convenient and ensures your request will be fulfilled.

Student Living at Athens Ridge in Athens, GA

Short of winning the lottery, most apartments involve trade-offs between your budget and your wishlist of criteria. Athens Ridge is the exception. Our student community is designed to meet a student’s lifestyle and budget, which means fewer trade-offs for you. With furnished apartments, on-site amenities, and a location that’s close to UGA, Athens Ridge meets all the criteria of a great student community in Athens, GA. Contact us to schedule a tour of your next student apartment.

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