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How to Budget for
Your Off-Campus Apartment

Smart budgeting practices are the bedrock of a responsible and comfortable lifestyle, especially for new renters. While you search for apartments for rent in Athens, GA, the monthly installment payments are probably the first expense you budget for. But, once you’ve settled in, there are other expenses to consider, as well. By using the right strategy to anticipate costs and allocate money to the proper places, though, you can easily have a fulfilling college experience even on a tight budget.


What Expenses Do You Have When Renting?

Looking at these common expenses that renters have is a useful way to start planning your budget — it’s also worth noting that having the right amenities can offset certain expenses.



Needing to furnish an apartment can impact your budget significantly. Renters who've lived in off campus apartments in Athens, GA for years tend to own furniture, electronics, and other decorations to outfit their homes. Newer renters, on the other hand, often have to buy all new items. Given the costs involved with buying a bed, desk, and TV, just to name a few essential items, you could opt instead for furnished housing as a budget-friendly solution.



Utilities are a monthly expense for most renters, although the specific services you’re responsible for installing vary based on the complex you live in. In traditional rentals, tenants pay for all their utilities. Whereas certain student apartments near UGA have gas, trash removal, and recycling included in the monthly payments — and the only utility tenants budget for is electric.


Internet Service

Since much of today’s college coursework involves the internet in some way, it’s advantageous to have a reliable connection in your apartment. Conventionally, renters purchase and budget for their own monthly services. But certain UGA apartments have high-speed Wi-Fi included in the monthly installments.


Social Activities

Limiting the expenses of your social activities is one of the more challenging aspects of budgeting. One solution is to find inexpensive ways to spend time with friends. Instead of paying to work out in a gym, drink coffee in a cafe, or play billiards in a restaurant, finding off campus housing near UGA with a fitness center or clubhouse with a coffee bar and pool tables, such as Athens Ridge, allows you do these activities for free.



Transportation is a recurring cost for many students. Vehicle owners must account for fuel and occasionally oil changes, while commuters on public transportation have the expense of bus passes to consider. But there are ways to reduce these costs, such as living near campus, carpooling, or riding on a free shuttle — Athens Ridge offers complimentary shuttles to the UGA campus and downtown Athens.


Anticipating and allocating parts of your budget to these common expenses for renters is a responsible way to enjoy your college years while also preparing yourself financially for life after school.

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