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Moving Checklist

There’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re moving to a new place, but for students looking at Athens, GA, apartments for the first time, the process can seem overwhelming. One thing we tell first-time renters at Athens Ridge is that having a checklist can help you tone down the stress and increase the excitement of your move. The value of a checklist is that it takes off the pressure of remembering everything so all you have to do is the physical work of packing.  

Steps to Check Before Moving

Given how many students we accommodate at our apartments near UGA, we thought it’d be helpful to compile our favorite moving tips into one checklist. Now, this isn’t an ironclad document. In fact, we made it flexible on purpose so you can customize the steps to fit your situation. One thing we do know, however, is the more of these steps you follow, the smoother your move will likely be.

Downsize Before Moving

UGA off-campus apartments often have enough space for some furniture, a television and computer, and some clothes and other personal items. Downsizing what you own is a good idea if you’re coming from a place with a lot of space like a family home. On the other hand, if you’re moving out of the dorms and into one of the large four- or five-bedroom floorplans at Athens Ridge, you might have to buy furniture. In general, though, by taking only what’s necessary to your new place, you’ll find it easier to stay organized and avoid clutter.

Color Code Your Boxes

Giving your boxes a color code can make your life easier in many ways. For example, when you’re done shopping for apartments for rent in Athens, GA, and you know what the layout of your new home will be, you can color code your boxes based on the room or area that fits the items inside. It also naturally guides you to pack your like items together. Then when you’re bringing the boxes to your apartment, you know those with the blue sticker go to the kitchen, the red sticker go to the living room, etc.

Short-Term Essentials

Upon first moving into student apartments for rent, some tenants discover it’s hard to accomplish basic tasks with everything packed up. Instead of struggling to find your toothbrush or plates in a stack of boxes, keep one container of short-term essentials aside to get you through a few days while you unpack everything else. It’s amazing how a far a bag with some clothes, toiletries, and snacks goes toward making your move easier.

Landlord Follow-Up

Getting used to having a landlord can be an adjustment for new renters. Remember that when you move in, it needs to be while the property manager’s office is open so you can pick up your room keys and other important documents like a parking pass. To address some of these concerns at Athens Ridge, we make sure our office staff is reachable by cell phone, in case you need to get in touch with them outside normal business hours. Also, our apartments have special parking and loading areas to make moving in easier, so be sure to ask about these when you arrive.

Other Service Providers

Coming from your parents’ home or a dorm, utilities services like electricity, cable, and internet were like air, meaning you always had them. Moving to your off-campus apartment near UGA, however, not all of these other services might be set up. As a tenant, it’s your duty to know what services your apartment offers and to schedule the installation of those it doesn’t, preferably ahead of your move in date.

Renting Your Apartment in Athens, GA

Maybe you’re intending to move closer to the university but haven’t found the right apartment yet, in which case you should consider viewing Athens Ridge. We offer living amenities like a themed pool, lazy river, outdoor jumbotron, basketball courts, and fire pit to create a fun and comfortable lifestyle. We also have easy-to-use processes for applying and renting a room that first-time renters really appreciate. Feel free to contact us to schedule a tour of our apartments to see firsthand just how great student living can be.

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