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Going On Vacation? Check Out
These Apartment Security Tips

Here at Athens Ridge, we’re dedicated to providing our residents with sweet, blissful comfort — and a big part of being comfortable is feeling safe. Whether you’re heading off for summer vacation, holidays, or spring break, we want your belongings to be safe while you’re away. Here are a few apartment security tips you can follow for greater peace-of-mind. Contact us to schedule a tour of our luxury student apartments near UGA!

Check Your Door Locks

Our student apartments come with a plethora of safety-conscious amenities, including but not limited to controlled-access gates, CCTV monitors in common areas, and even an on-site courtesy officer. However, we encourage residents to inspect door and window locks for wear-and-tear to ensure they remain sturdy and secure. Preferably, do so a few weeks in advance to allow enough time for replacements and repairs if necessary.

Get An Apartment Sitter

If you plan to be away for just a few days, have a trusted family member or friend act as an apartment sitter. Doing so can be an effective way to guarantee your apartment remains safe. Having a sitter is also ideal for residents with pets that need attention and plants that need to be watered. Just be sure to make it comfortable for the generous apartment sitter. Fill the fridge, stock up on toiletries, and inform them of phone numbers, such as that of the apartment manager in case of emergency. Make it homey, and they may even see it as a mini-vacation.

Plan For Pets

If you live in pet friendly apartments, such as The Ridge, ensuring your furry-friends are looked after and safe is essential in achieving that care-free vacation mentality. Friends and family members may be happy to watch over your pets. However, if their living arrangements won’t allow them to stay for too long, consider establishing a schedule for friends to come and take care of your pets throughout the day. Stock up on pet food, leave dog leashes in plain sight, and give your petsitters your preferred veterinarian’s contact information in case of an emergency.

Inform Apartment Staff You’ll Be Away

Let an apartment manager or on-site courtesy officer know your apartment will be vacant. They may be able to help by keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity around your residence. If friends are going to be stopping by to care for the place, make sure to inform the apartment staff who they are and when they’ll be coming by to avoid any confusion. If the neighbors are friendly, consider asking them to keep an eye on the place as well. Security is a community-wide affair, and most will be happy to help.

Check Smoke Detectors

Checking and changing the batteries in your smoke detectors is imperative to apartment safety throughout the year and doubly so before leaving for an extended time. Test the batteries in all smoke detectors before leaving and replace any that need to be changed. Doing so is one of the most important measures a resident can take to keep their belongings, pets, and neighbors safe before heading out on vacation. Not to mention, coming home to a pile of ash would really sour that post-vacay mood.

Keep Your Renters’ Insurance Policy Up To Date

Nobody likes imagining worst-case scenarios, but preparing for them is necessary. A few days before heading out on vacation, review your renters’ insurance policy. Make sure it hasn’t expired and won’t expire while you’re away. Renters insurance will cover your belongings in case of theft, fires, water damage, and so on. While away on a hard-earned vacation, relaxation should be all that’s on your mind. Knowing your renters’ insurance has got everything back home covered is essential to achieving vacation zen.

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