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5 Apartment Must-Haves
For Every Bulldog

UGA off campus housing is pretty much all-inclusive — it offers furnished rooms, upgraded appliances, and on-site amenities that match every lifestyle. Still, there are items students can incorporate to make their already posh living quarters even better. Here, Athens Ridge details the five must-haves for every Bulldog.

1. Athena Class-Schedule Printout

As much as you might tell yourself you’ll never forget to go to class, it’s better not to leave it up to chance. Living in furnished student apartments in Athens, it’s easy to get lost for hours at a time lounging on the couch watching TV, which is included in your monthly installments. All of a sudden, you may glance at the clock and realize you’re 45 minutes late for history or math class. Keeping a class schedule hanging in your apartment helps you avoid this problem. In fact, hang a couple of them, maybe one on the fridge, another in your bedroom, and one near the TV. The UGA Athena dynamic schedule system makes it easy to look up classes — just remember to sign in first!

2. Bulldogs Blanket

Long-time Athens residents know that while Georgia is located in the warm, sunny south, the air can still pick up a chill during winter days and nights. That’s why locals keep at least one or two blankets laying around for just such occasions. If you’re an incoming, out-of-state freshman or transfer-student, though, you may not anticipate the need for a blanket. Athens Ridge recommends shopping for one at the Georgia Bulldogs Store. Not only can you buy a fuzzy blanket to keep you warm, but you can find one with the imprinted black, red, and white insignia of UGA, so you can show drape it over your bed or living room couch to show school pride all year-long.

3. Coffee Maker For Local Roasters

A coffee maker isn’t a kitchen necessity unique to Georgia Bulldogs — coffee enjoys a ubiquitous presence on college campuses everywhere. But students need a coffee maker in UGA apartments so they can take advantage of the many outstanding coffee roasters and retailers in Athens. By hopping on the free shuttle at Athens Ridge and heading downtown, you can find yourself surrounded by legendary coffee shops such as Jittery Joe’s Coffee and 1000 Faces Coffee.

4. Clothing For Every Season

Because moving involves a lot of work — packing, lugging around furniture, haggling over moving costs — students often prefer to find furnished off campus housing near UGA. That said, your wardrobe is one necessity you’ll most definitely need to bring to your new apartment. Keep in mind, though, that the climate in Athens is seasonal, and temperatures fluctuate during the year. This means bringing season-specific clothing is a must-have. Of course, many UGA students survive year-round wearing shorts and T-shirts. If you’re one of them, more power to you. But, just in case, a rain jacket and a warm coat are useful to have, as would a Bulldogs sweater for those chilly, late-year football games.

5. Personal Items From Home

Whether you’ve moved from far away to attend UGA, or your family lives in Athens, it’s important to stay connected to your roots as you venture farther from home. Therefore, even if you find a student apartment for rent that offers all the on-site amenities you want and need, you can still enhance the space with personal effects. By making yourself feel at home, you’ll actually be more relaxed and ready to focus on coursework (and weekend party preparations). Now, you don’t want to get carried away with grand alterations, because the apartment must be returned in the same shape as when you rented it. However, adding a few personal touches — family photos, inspirational wall art — can make an already nice apartment truly feel like home.

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