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6 Tips For
Renting With Pets

Moving from home and transitioning into college can be daunting. Bringing a furry friend to college can help students ease into their new life as Bulldogs or provide a much-needed relief from tough classes at the University of Georgia. Having a pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, or other species, makes each UGA apartment feel like home. Before moving into our pet-friendly off campus housing in Athens, GA, at Athens Ridge, there are several things residents need to keep in mind. If you have questions about our policies, or want to schedule a tour, get in touch with us today!

Be Aware Of Pet Deposits & Fees

Having pets reaps many important benefits including greater responsibility, budgeting skills, and the best one of all: constant companionship. But equally as important is knowing the pet policy for your apartment near UGA. Athens Ridge requires a one-time pet deposit of $300, along with a pet fee of $15 per month in addition to monthly payments. Check with your apartment complex to make sure there aren’t breed or weight restrictions.

Establish Bathroom Routines

Whether you’re living alone or with roommates, planning a bathroom schedule for your pet is crucial to help it adjust to apartment living. For dogs, ensure they’re walked around the same time every day in the same area; this will train them to go to the bathroom outside and not on your carpet!

Though cats don’t use the bathroom outside, they enjoy privacy when using the litter box indoors. Put the box somewhere private such as a bathroom or unused corner of the bedroom. Also, consider purchasing a covered litter box to cut down on litter being kicked out.

Spend Quality Time With Pets

There’s a special bond between an owner and their pet, but college life is hectic with classes, extracurricular activities, and social outings. Don’t forget your furry friend needs time too! Spending valuable time with your dog, cat, or other pet is key to building a strong relationship with them. In your spare time, take your dog for a long walk, or bring Fido along to a pet-friendly restaurant in Athens. Our community boasts plenty of pet-friendly amenities for you and your dog to enjoy, including a property-wide nature trail and plenty of green space.

For cat owners in our UGA student apartments, sprinkle catnip on your feline’s favorite cat tower or scratching post, carve holes in a spare cardboard box and play with a feather toy, or encourage them to catch a tiny red dot from a laser pointer. Even if you’re busy with homework or studying for classes, having a fuzzy feline right next to you is perfect for moral support.

Keep Your Pet Busy While You’re Gone

Off campus housing near UGA varies in size — from a cozy studio apartment to a multi-story townhome. Our townhomes in Athens, GA, provide enough space for rambunctious pets to run and play while UGA students are hard at work. For anxiety-prone cats or dogs, try leaving a TV or radio on to help them feel more at ease. Pets with separation anxiety should have toys to play with while you’re away, and it’s always smart to have backup toys for them to play with in case the others break or tumble out of reach.

Give Pets Plenty Of Exercise

Dogs specifically are high-energy pets that require a lot of outdoor time. Breeds such as labradors, retrievers, and German shepherds need daily exercise and playtime. This helps these types of dogs adapt well to apartment living. If students work or study all day, it’s smart to hire a dog walker to ensure your pet gets the outdoor time they need to make your experience living in an apartment by UGA that much better.

Prevent Pet Stains

While living in UGA housing, many students find that one of the biggest expenses when having pets is stains and other damages in the apartment. Preventing stains is difficult enough without a furry friend in the mix. Adding pets means students have to take more care to prevent various spills and accidents in the apartment. It’s helpful to have cleaning products and appliances specific to pets on hand, ready to tackle any mess.

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