5 Things to Do
Before Moving Out

As a renter, moving out can be overwhelming if you don’t know what steps to take. But don’t worry, because there are five things to do before moving out that can make the process easy (and even fun). These things apply at most apartments for rent in Athens, GA, although the details could vary; furnished apartments with utilities included, for example, may have fewer steps for moving out than traditional apartments would. Nonetheless, knowing this moving checklist will help you be prepared now and for future moves.

Get Organized

Organizing a plan of action is the first step before moving out of Athens apartments for rent. By knowing ahead of time what tasks need to be accomplished, you can budget time efficiently and make sure nothing is overlooked. Once the date of the moving day is set, mark it on a calendar and add reminders for tasks that need to be done. Important steps include setting time aside for packing and cleaning. You should also put reminders to shut off any utilities and services; at Athens Ridge, electric is the only utility you’re responsible for.

Review Your Lease

Be sure to review the details of your lease to see what obligations you have before moving out. Many property managers require a vacate notice by a certain deadline before the rental term expires. Other common move-out requirements for off campus housing in Athens, GA, include hiring carpet cleaners and cleaning the apartment to the same condition as when you moved in.

Clean Thoroughly

It’s unwise to move out of an apartment before cleaning it. In such cases, property managers could deduct a cleaning fee from your deposit. To know the level of cleanliness required for the apartment before moving out, check the lease. Some landlords ask for only a basic wipedown, while others require tenants to hire cleaners. At off campus housing near UGA, students are usually expected to clean their apartments to the same condition as when they moved in. Thus, it’s usually advisable to purchase cleaning products to clean the kitchen and bathroom as well as to hire a carpet-cleaning company, but confirm your cleaning responsibilities with the landlord first.

Handle Minor Repairs

In the course of living in student apartments near UGA, tenants submit maintenance requests for most repair work. But prior to moving out, some minor repairs could be your responsibility. Walls that have been painted a different color, for example, must usually be repainted to their original color. While holes left from nails or pins often must be sanded, filled, and painted over. Failure to do minor repairs could result in deductions from your deposit. To avoid paying these fines, one option is to be present during the landlord’s final walkthrough of the apartment, at which time you can ask if any repairs need to be addressed.

Pack Items for Moving

The final step before moving out is packing your belongings and taking them out of the apartment. Hiring a moving company is an option. Although, you may need to schedule movers early since most students in UGA apartments move out at the same time after the semester and movers could be busy then. Meanwhile, to avoid having cleaning fees deducted from your deposit, make sure to remove all items from the apartment, including cleaning supplies and trash.

Student Apartments for Rent in Athens, GA

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