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4 Ways To Relax With
Feng Shui In Your Apartment

While it might seem exotic and beyond your skill level, feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient Chinese method of addressing the layout and decor in a space in order to achieve harmony and balance. Feng means “wind” and shui means “water” which encapsulates the goal of flowing with the environment around us. If the stresses of school, work, and personal commitments have you looking for ways to increase your relaxation at home, feng shui could be a helpful solution to personalize your apartment near UGA and make it your home. At Athens Ridge, we want every resident to create a space where they feel at peace. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our community.

Clear The Clutter

In feng shui, clutter in the home equates to clutter in the mind. Even if your clutter is cleverly hidden in drawers, cabinets, closets, and even attics, it still negatively affects the energy around you. Getting rid of clutter can help remove items that have bad feelings connected to them and can be a cathartic experience. This is a perfect time to let go of items that you thought you’d eventually get around to using and never have and basic junk that’s serving no purpose. Organizing what’s leftover allows you to reassess the importance of each item in your life and give it a special place. Residents should also remove obstacles from the paths that they walk in their homes. Think of corridors and walkways as the veins of the home. Keeping them open promotes a healthy flow, and not stubbing your toe is bound to improve happiness just on its own.

Get Elemental

Having a representation of each of the five elements (earth, wood, water, fire, and metal) in every room is an important aspect of feng shui. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Something as simple as a wooden bowl with a metal band next to a candle and vase of water with plants can achieve this. If you can’t incorporate each element, try using colors that symbolize the elements. Yellow, tan, or brown for earth, green for wood, black for water, red for fire, and white for metal. It’s especially important to have plants in the home, particularly in the kitchen. Even if you live in an apartment or aren’t good at growing plants, there are options available to revitalize your living space with some greenery.

Shine A Light On It

Avoid lighting that is too bright or harsh, such as fluorescent lighting. Instead, opt for a softer light that is calming and relaxing. Make sure that entryways and corridors are well-lit. When possible, allow for natural lighting, which increases the flow of natural energy. Enhance the quality of natural light by cleaning windows both inside and out. You can also boost light by placing mirrors opposite windows or light fixtures. Color is also considered lighting, so keep that in mind when choosing paint colors, decor, or artwork. Select styles that are vibrant in places where you want to be energized, such as the kitchen and office, and soothing colors in rooms where you want to prioritize relaxation, such as the bedroom.

Strategic Furniture Placement

Feng shui prioritizes placing the main furniture, such as the couch, desk, stove, and bed in the command position. This just means setting furniture where it faces the door but is not in direct line with it. Speaking of the bed, the head should be placed against a solid wall, which provides a sense of security and promotes more restful sleep. Mirror placement should also be considered. Mirrors reflect energy, so they should be placed to reflect things that are attractive, like plants or artwork and not things that can bring anxiety. Avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom, which can cause too much energy and interrupt sleep. Try to keep electronics out of the bedroom, which can also interfere with sleep. If you must have something electronic in the bedroom, try to keep it a minimum of two feet from the bed.

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