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10 Tips To Be
A Good Neighbor

When shopping around for UGA housing, most students and their parents focus on aspects like apartment space, community features, and overall bang for their buck — and with good reason. Modern UGA apartments are all about providing students with comfortable living spaces so they can focus on what matters most — their education. But while having access to multiple community amenities and a convenient location can certainly enhance students’ college experiences, maintaining good relationships with the neighbors can be just as rewarding. To make the most out of your new Athens apartment, learn how to be a good neighbor with these 10 simple tips. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

1. Introduce Yourself

The first step towards any good relationship with the neighbors should be a friendly, down-to-earth introduction. Move past any nervousness, take the initiative, and start a conversation. It’s easy for UGA students to bond over shared school programs and classes.

2. Respect Privacy

Once acquainted, neighbors may converse regularly, borrow each other’s house appliances, and even collect each other’s mail. It’s worth remembering, however, that everyone deserves privacy and personal space — even good friends. Make sure not to overstep your boundaries.

3. Take Turns At The Gym

Having access to a 24-hour fitness center is just one of many perks available at our UGA off campus housing community. Ensure everyone has a fair chance to enjoy their workout by using the gym’s equipment promptly, taking turns, and wiping the machines after every use.

4. Keep The Noise Down

While our UGA apartments feature fewer shared walls and ceilings than most student apartments, residents should still be considerate when hosting guests and playing music through speakers. If hosting a party, alert the neighbors and keep the volume down.

5. Enjoy Amenities Together

There’s perhaps no better way to get along with the neighbors than by enjoying community amenities together. Invite them for a morning run through the property-wide trail, an afternoon tanning session by the pool, or a night of billiards at the clubhouse.

6. Lend A Hand

Notice the new neighbors moving in next door? Ask to help! Lending a hand not only starts a relationship on the right foot but it can also serve as a handy icebreaker. When in need of help, remember to ask politely and return the favor whenever possible.

7. Don’t Litter

There’s nothing quite disheartening as stumbling upon garbage-strewn steps from your apartment. Help maintain the community’s cleanliness by keeping it in the bin. The neighbors will appreciate running through our property-wide nature trail without a single piece of trash in sight.

8. Keep Common Areas Clean

Georgia Bulldogs fans feel right at home in our apartments near UGA. They can catch the latest game on our 20-foot outdoor Jumbotron TV while lounging by the pool and BBQing using our charcoal grills. Be courteous when grilling by leaving all common areas clean.

9. Train Your Pets

Pet-friendly apartments can be a blessing for students looking to move with their furry friends. But without the right training, pets can become a nuisance for neighbors. Make sure your dogs are trained to not bark all day, and likewise keep your cat from howling in the night.

10. Be On The Lookout

Even though our UGA housing community features controlled-access entrance gates and CCTV monitors for all common areas, neighbors can make the community feel safer for everyone by staying alert and reporting any suspicious activity.

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